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The Oath Project envisions a day when business leaders will hold themselves to the higher standard of integrity and service to society that is the hallmark of a true professional. At this day, both the schools that prepare them and the organizations in which they work will understand



The Oath Project seeks to leverage its "network of networks" to encourage all business leaders to hold themselves--and each other--to the higher standard of integrity and service to society that is the hallmark of a true professional by providing the tools

Bring the Oath

Business decisions have a massive impact on the world—a fact that has been devastatingly clear since the beginning of the global economic crisis in 2008 and still clearer today as we struggle to find the right balance between Main Street, Wall Street, and International Drive. When the forces in control of the economy fail to act responsibly, everyone suffers. If we obsess over the short term, we'll never be sustainable in the long term. When we find a way to create value while also acting in the best interests of society and the planet, everyone benefits. Though these forces may sometimes seem to be out of our control, the reality is that we all have a part to play. more

Thanks for your interest in helping to change the management profession. You and thousands of others are making business better.

The Oath represents a personal commitment to lead with purpose, act with integrity, and understand the reach, power, and responsibility of business. By committing to what it represents you are joining thousands of other dedicated leaders changing the face of business one decision at a time.